The 3 Things You Should Know As An Intern

Hey guys! Michael Here... Today, I want to share things I’ve learned in a span of 8 weeks with Todd Rogers.  I know it’s still early to make comments since I’ve only been with them for 2 months now but this past few weeks has remarkably been a growth-ride for me! Remember all those Expectation versus reality memes – your expectations aren’t always met and sometimes, it’s really far from what you are expecting? Well, this one is not really like that. Lol. This is more on, I want to share with you what you should expect as an intern, nothing more, nothing less.   But before you make assumptions, let me first tell you that working with Todd Rogers is a completely good experience! Just wanted to clear the air.

The Stock Room

So here it goes:



I was hired by Todd Rogers to help them out with Social Media, Content, and PR.  So having said this,
many of you might think that it’s a glamourous job doing PR and Social Media.  Sitting in your area with your computer checking influencers, planning events and the like but in reality – ASIDE from all these things, you also help out doing the leg work! Packing, shipping, running errands, and most of all actually LIFTING heavy boxes! So don’t forget to prepare yourself for both worlds.

Intern at Work



 As a soon-to-be Master’s graduate, I know many of you are also doing the whole internship thing expecting that you will be learning from the company.  Well, I hate to give it to you but it goes both ways my friends.  Of course the ideal internship is you learn from the company and your mentor BUT you also

learn on your own.  This is the perfect avenue for you to apply what you’re learning inside the classroom to the real world! So don’t just expect to be spoon fed with all the information, have the lust for growth and maximize the whole experience.


When I say know yourself, know both your strengths and your weaknesses.  Know what you can do GOOD in a limited amount of time.  We are all working with deadlines but as interns, we all know that there is a maximum number of hours we need to keep – not to mention we also have classes in between.  This is s a good habit to practice because it can help you when you enter the real world.

So there you go! The 3 points I have learned (and also validated) with working with Todd Rogers.  I’m just really grateful to be working with one of the rising independent eyewear companies in the Boston area (and it also helps that I have a good mentor 😉)

That’s it for now! Don’t forget to check our site regularly for updates!

Talk soon.