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Cover of 20/20 Magazine

What You Need To Know To Be An Independent Thinker ...

Todd Rogers Eyewear

Featured on the Cover of 20/20
March 2017


How'd Todd Rogers land the cover ... ?

Editor-in-Chief of 20/20, James Spina, tells the tale.

As seen in the movie ‘Magic Mike XXL”

Actor Matt Bomer as main character Ken - wears “The Brock 1” Sunglass.

As seen on the Showtime series “Shameless”

Actress Isidora Goreshter as recurring character Svetlana - wears “The PKPK”

Adrienne Schlow, Boston based Mix Media Artist (and longtime friend of Todd’s) talks Todd Rogers in Elle Magazine, and wears “The Steen” with daughter Petra in “The Crystal

Friend, Restauranteur and celebrated Chef Michael Schlow wears “The Reese” & “The Uncle D” both in and out of the kitchen ...